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Over 20 Years of Experience in Transmission Repair

Welcome to Markham North Transmission and General Repair Inc

For comprehensive transmission services, turn to Markham North Transmission and General Repair Inc. We welcome vehicles both domestic and imported (European) of all makes and models. With three fully licensed and trained technicians on staff, we provide automatic and manual transmission repairs, rebuilds, and re-installs. Emission testing, brake work, oil changes, and AC refills are just a few of the other general services we provide to keep your vehicle running at full capacity.

When it comes to diagnostics, we don’t mess around. Our technicians only use top of the line diagnostic tools on your vehicle. We get to the source of the problem quickly to provide your vehicle with the right kind of service the first time around. Schedule an appointment with Markham North Transmission today.

Check Engine
Check Engine – seeing those two words appear on your dashboard is never fun. Furthermore, it can be downright annoying. The Check Engine light doesn’t provide much detail on what really is wrong with your vehicle. Your Check Engine light comes to life for anything. You could find yourself dealing with something major or something trivial.

Sometimes it is a simple thing such as:
  • Your gas cap isn’t on tight enough
  • Your engine got wet where it didn’t like it
  • Your spark plug wires are bad

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